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Branding Your Website

Lets face it Coca - Cola, City Furniture and giants like Google all do it. Branding, get your companies name, your Logo and your message in front of as many potential customers as possible. They don't just do this once, they do this "All day, Every day!"

It's simple, you need to do the same thing too and wouldn't it be great to get some additional benefits. Benefits like monthly exposure to 1000's of potential customers and the extremely important factor of better search engine positioning based on critical keywords.

Online Services IDM has a database of over 10,000 online shoppers. Our network of shoppers search for nearly every product under the sun. Now you can tap into this network for as little as .20 cents per visitor. Thats a great return on investment.

Review of Benefits:

  • Expose your companies brand to 1,000's of consumers each month
  • Expose your company's website in and other search engines
  • Access thousands of customers at pennies on the dollar for the highest ROI
  • Compare branding cost to other mediums

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